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Perfect styling, Delightful Design and Experience with Expertise is the backbone of Precious Tiling. We take pride in showcasing the up the notch tiling and waterproofing work done by us over a span of 30 long years right here in Sydney. Being the veterans of Sydney we know exactly what the ground demands, the quality to be used and our work experience helps us in perfectly understanding the needs of our clients. We are known to provide customised tiling in Sydney.

Our well-versed professional tilers have a crisp understanding of the current residential as well as commercial tiling. You need not stress about the budget as Precious will not entangle you into pocket soaring over-priced contracts, but will in fact present as an affordable tiler.

Our Tiling Services


Precious, as the name goes, believes in enhancing the overall beauty of your office space entirely as per your aesthetic requirement. Commercial tiling has been our forte since the inception. So, trust us on this.

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Your wish is our command when it comes to floor tiling for Sydney dwellers. Our customers have quoted us to be the best tiler in Sydney as we are capable of turning the appearance of your abode to pure perfection.

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Highlighting the aesthetics of your outdoor space is a beautiful pool; and what beautifies it is the perfect pool tiling. We preciously choose the swimming pool tiling to provide the highest standard of quality work available.

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Home decor is incomplete without precious tiles and we are the best choice amongst the Sydney tilers. Having a solid reputation in outstanding workmanship, your abode would be in safe hands.

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Floor finishing is not finished until loor tiling is done in bathrooms. Precious is expert with the bathroom tiling in Sydney as it requires computations to be done before tiling.

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Our Waterproofing Services

If water saves life then excess water also hampers routine life. Water leakage and seepage is something totally not welcome at home or at office either. Waterproof floor is the only solution to it. The Australian building code specifies shower waterproofing to be done as well. Our skilled workers will ensure that water leaks are completely eradicated without the beauty of the bathroom being hampered.

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