Are you thinking about tiling your bathroom?

Then look for a reputable bathroom tiler to help you establish or revamp it to avoid any pitfall that can turn it into a nightmare. When it comes time to get a professional Bathroom tiler, don’t be shy, ask them any question with regards to the job you offer. Getting a few fundamental ideas before commencing any Bathroom Tiling will ensure the job is done when and how you would like it. This will avoid any nasty surprises during the working and once the job is completed.

Some questions to ask the bathroom tiler before hiring Them are:

How much experience does the Bathroom Tiler have?

It’s always wise to ask how long the tradesman is in the field to know whether he is competent for the job. Ask for references, speak to people he had previously worked for and come up with your final say. Make sure he is up to the task to avoid unsatisfying work.

Are you certified and qualified Tiler?

Asking for qualifications is not a rude approach! There are so many rough tradesmen in the field who can mess up the whole process. Ensure he submits the necessary certification documents and verify them before hiring him.

What time will you take to finish the Tiling Task?

Asking for a time scale is crucial to help you grip on the job cost. Some may ask to be paid according to the amount of time they work, this can make him drag along the way to get more bucks! Make sure the money you spend on the bathroom tiler is worth the work.

How much do you need for Tiling the Bathroom?

Agree on a fixed cost and warranty before servicing your bathroom. This will enable you to plan your budget especially when it’s a renovation. Ensure you get a quote in writing from the tiler.

How to choose your bathroom patterns and tiles ?

Even before hiring a bathroom tiler, you need to evaluate your choices so as to have the best bathroom ever.

Consider the design pattern.

This is the first step in getting the job done. Do some thorough research from your friends or other tradesmen around you even before approaching the bathroom tiler. Besides tht internet is a great place to find some design patterns examples from. Approaching the designer with an idea in mind is a better way to achieve your dream.

Size of the bathroom.

Your bathroom size dictates the size and type of tiles be used. There are large and small tiles in the market to consider. Evaluate the room size (floors and walls) to plan the budget and to fit your standards.

Tiling is a best option specially if your tiling job is done by a reputable bathroom tiler. unless you do have a lot of previous experience, if you consider a DIY installation.

Good tiling will not only give you a durable and an easy to clean surface but also a beauty bathroom to behold. Precious Tiling Team are reputable bathroom tilers for quality services.


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