Is it possible to use floor tiles on a wall?

Imagine that you are sitting with your contractor and selecting a tile design for your wall remodel. And you come across a floor tile so attractive that your inner creativity wants to ask the question, ‘Is it possible to use floor tiles on a wall?’.  And we say, ‘Yes, of course’.  Precious Tiling & Waterproofing […]

Types of waterproofing methods!

Waterproofing is a method that is used to protect a concrete surface from water penetration. The process includes waterproofing materials in order to function as a barrier to make the building surfaces water resistant during construction.  Waterproofing is necessary for walls, balconies, decks, bathrooms, kitchens, and others, preventing unwanted...

How To Clean Porcelain Floor Tiles?

Your flooring will get a resilient and hard-wearing finish with porcelain tiles. In comparison with the regular ceramic tiles, these porcelain tiles are made differently. They are denser and stronger as feldspar and sand are added while making tiles. They absorb less moisture as well. This makes the porcelain floor tiles easy to maintain and...

How To Tile a Bathroom Wall?

Tiling a bathroom becomes a tough job for many. Are you amongst them? Well, you won’t be anymore. As we would explain it to you very clearly step by step, as to how you can master bathroom wall and kitchen tiling.  It matters not whether you have tiling experience or not as through this guide […]

Best Flooring for Outer Space of Your Home

Homeowners generally give attention to the interior of the home as compared to outer space. But an appealing exterior drives the viewer’s attention and boosts the curb appeal of your home. Stylish and artistic residential tiling is one of the factors that drive visitors’ attention at first glance. So, take a look at the top […]

Best Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

There are a bulk of things to consider while renovating the bathroom. Choosing appropriate tiles is one of them. Meanwhile, in choosing the best suitable bathroom floor tile, you must be purposeful with your selection. A wrong tiling type can ruin your entire bathroom remodeling and give a dull appearance. Therefore, seeking professional help is...

A Quick Guide to Building Waterproofing

What is waterproofing? Waterproofing is a protective measure to prevent water from seeping into a structure. This process is designed with multiple layers and stages to create barriers that restrict water from penetrating the structure. Membranes and coatings are used to build structure waterproofing to protect internal contents and help maintain...

Tips for Installing Pool Tiling

Decorative tiles are the best way to make your pool stand out from the water crowd. By installing a gracious pool tiling you will not only be giving an enhanced appearance to the swimming pool but would also be catering to the practical aspect.  Tiles require low maintenance and are easy to clean. Therefore, lining […]

Why Tiling Is The Best Option To Style Your Interior?

Tiles offer versatility and durability to homes. Residential tiling is a low-maintenance option that drives beauty to homes. Let’s explore here why tiling is the best option to style your interior?  Kitchen Tiling: Tiling is the best option to incorporate all desired styles and patterns in your kitchen. It not only offers a great appearance...

How To Avoid The Most Common Tiling Mistakes?

Tiling is the most favourable and popular home improvement task for all homeowners. It endeavours practical and versatile solutions for the walls and floors to give your home a stylish, fresh, and appealing look. Even though the best tiling services can install the perfect tile for your home, it is essential to prepare your tiling […]

How To Grout Tiles?

Hello, the fact that you have chosen to read this today shows that either you are planning to get the retiling of your bathroom or kitchen done or you are up for the venture all by yourself. Either way, this blog on grouting will give you a complete idea starting from the types of grout […]

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles?

The best feeling for the home dweller or a house guest is entering a bathroom that feels as clean as a room designed around hygiene and cleanliness. Well achieving this is not an easy task it is actually pretty daunting especially in the bathroom tiling as there is a continuous splash of water. Well, this blog […]

The Top Pool Tiling Trend in Sydney

White pool tiles are the most popular and remarkable tiling choice for the people in Sydney this year. Its charming impression and durable quality make it the most prevalent tile choice for pools. To let you learn more about pool tiling, we have listed all the required things below: Benefits of Pool Tiling: Highly durable […]

How to Find an Efficient Tilers in Sydney?

Whether you are remodeling your home or building the new one, perfect tile installation is important to build the aesthetic of your home. Improper and inadequately installed tiles not just ruin the appearance but also throw your money down the drain. Among various tiling services in Sydney, choosing the best one amongst them becomes a […]

Latest Tile Trends for Kitchen

If you are remodelling your kitchen or constructing a new one, adding the latest tiling trend can offer timeless beauty to it.  Here we have listed out some latest tiling trends suggested by the best tilers in Sydney that will help you build an aesthetic of your cooking area. Glass: Glass tiles add luminescence, depth, […]