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Hello reader, the fact that you have landed on this page indicates that you are either building a new bathroom for your abode or are renovating the old one with the latest trends. Either way, you have landed on the right page as this guide to tiling the bathroom will give you the pros and cons of all 8 types of tiles. This guide will ultimately ensure you have a great waterproof bathroom.

To have a lavish and pretty bathroom is generally all of our dreams, but what holds us back a bit is the restrictions thanks to the continuous damp floor and walls.

The nonstop contact of the walls and floor with water gives rise to germs, bacteria and other unpleasant bathroom accumulations, which then becomes a pain that needs to be dealt with.

To avoid such a situation, we have listed out the 8 best materials that can be used as bathroom tiles which are easily available at all the Sydney tilers as well.

 Read on.

1. Metal Tile 

Metal always gives a sophisticated look and is the same as its tiles. To have a broad appearance, a plethora of textures are available to choose from.


Appearance, Durability, Easy to Install and Clean


Easily develops a patina and tarnish, Expensive

Bathroom Tiles by Precious Tiling2. Ceramic Tiles

If you are on a hunt for an extensive range of colour, size, shapes to finishes and texture in tiles then Ceramic tiles are the best choice.


Glazed ceramic doesn’t absorb water, Durable, Relatively inexpensive


Not as impervious to water as porcelain


3. Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta although being an old-fashioned tile type, they have not yet lost their charm when it comes to creating a homely, cozy and delightful ambience.


Doesn’t absorb water, Doesn’t get Cold, Durable, Inexpensive


Not as impervious to water as porcelain

Tiles | Precious Tiling4. Porcelain Tiles

Compared to traditional ceramic, porcelain is an excellent tile for your bathroom being harder, more durable, more scratch-resistant. It doesn’t absorb much nor take many stains on it.


Extremely durable, Colourful Variety, Lavish Look, Highly water-resistant



5. Glass Tiles 

Thanks to the increasing number of options that are customized depending on your wants and needs, glass tiles are now becoming popular because.


Shiny, Hard, Durable


Easily Scratched, Expensive

Best Tiles for Bathroom by Precious Tiling6. Natural Stone Tiles

Today’s trendsetter is these natural tiles.

  • Marble Tiles – Pros: Beautiful | Cons: Expensive, Susceptible to scratches and stains
  • Granite Tiles – Pros: Durable, Strong | Cons: Slippery, Expensive
  • Limestone Tiles – Pros: Natural appearance, Soft, Durable | Cons: Porous, High Maintenance


7. Marble Tiles

For those who are looking for a classical, sophisticated look and for whom budget is not an issue, also not minding the extra care and maintenance it demands, this is a good choice.


Beautiful, Resistant to shattering


Expensive, Susceptible to scratches and stains


8. Cement Tiles

For any area that has a lot of wear and tears cement-bodied tile is a good choice, such as a kitchen or bath.


Tough, Industrial Look, Durable


Porous, Expensive


It is advised to first understand our requirement with the tiles before approaching the bathroom tiler. Next is to understand the pros and cons of the shortlisted tiles before buying them. The aspects to consider while zeroing down on the tile type are Installation, Durability, Maintenance, Environmental, Safety and Cost.

Hope this guide has helped you to take the first step towards precious tiling.



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