One of the biggest multifunctional rooms of the entire house is the kitchen. Our kitchens have come a long way since the stereotype set up to evolving open plan living rooms and makeshift offices. 

When you live in a lavish home, investment for a kitchen is invaluable and adds significant resale value to the house. Investment in kitchen elements like splashback tiles will give you an incredible feeling while cooking and help you maintain.

Check out a few splashback ideas for your kitchen through this article.

Read on.


As all of us are spending more and more time indoors due to lockdown, colourful kitchens with vibrant splashbacks are the latest trend that helps in enhancing the mood. COVID repercussions and regular work from home have made our lives dull. Bolder shades, unique textures and bright colours for backsplash tiles will take away the dullness from your homes. They will bring the kitchen to life.


You can also add accent colours to your kitchen by going the minimalist approach with pop coloured appliances. You can bring in the kitchen appliances from a colourful range and choose to keep the background backsplash simple with pleasant colours like beige, grey, pastel, black or white. It will give a contemporary look and a sense of calm space. You can try using porcelain or mosaics with subtle shades as a backsplash. They are entirely glazed and very easy to clean.


Extra-large porcelain panels are the way forward in the kitchen backsplash. You will never have to worry about the grout again. These panels are nothing but huge tiles that are available in different lengths. Few of them are even longer than 3m. The extra-large porcelain panel comes in a vast range of colours and various patterns. You can choose from natural marble, concrete look, to sliced stone as well. These porcelain panels are much more affordable than other huge tiles and also provide significant benefits. 


It is time for the Moroccan! Yes, 2021 is all about the chiselled look and stunning organic finishes and earthy display through Moroccan tiles. They are available in various colour tones like sage, white, rust, wheat, blue, black, etc. All the earthy Moroccan tiles have their unique natural crack and pits, which make a brilliant design.


Have you heard about Herringbone? Well, this is a popular trend for kitchen backsplashes in Sydney. The Herringbone tiles get their name from the famous herring fish. The tiles are designed in a way that resembles the shape of the herring fishbone. It will undoubtedly give a modern touch to your kitchen by creating a striking accent. It is very easy to clean as well.

These ideas are the latest trending ideas for backsplash tiles in the kitchen. You can look out for more such unique designs to create a statement kitchen that is easy to maintain. You can contact us for more information on backsplash tiles and unique ideas.



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