Residential tiles are the most popular flooring option for all homeowners in Sydney. This flooring type associates a wide range of benefits and offers great cooling comfort in the summer months. 

Whether you are purchasing tiles for a new home or for home remodeling, investing in the best tiling option will ensure you will love your floor for years to come.

Here, we have enlisted the best tiling options for your residence that will help you choose the best among all-

Ceramic Tile:


It is a very basic and common residential tiling type for all home types in Sydney. Its great durability makes it perfect for any room in the house like the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc. 

Ceramic tiles are available in hundreds of designs and styles. Also, they are affordable and easy to install. 

Precious tiling experts recommend checking the ceramic tile lot number to ensure a clean and uniform result.


Porcelain Tile:


Porcelein tiles | Precious TilingIf you are looking for a low-maintenance tiling option for your home, porcelain tile is the best type to choose. This common tiling option can emulate wood, natural stone and brick floors which require a little maintenance. 

This all-purpose tiling type is available in various designs and gives an elegant finish at pocket-friendly costs.

According to expert opinion, avoid the use of porcelain tiles in outdoor space to save it from cracks and freezes.


Glass Tile:


Glass tile is the best flooring type to give your home a lavish and affluent look. Any stains of acidic food or red wine can be wiped out easily on the glass flooring. This stain resistance tiling type becomes the best alternative to natural stone. 

Best tiling services says; avoid the use of glass tiles for the bathroom and kitchen tiles. However, it can be the best option for the area that has less traction.


Cement Tile:


Cement tile is a versatile flooring option that is available in several colors and patterns. As these are extremely porous, patina can develop over time on tiles. This tile type can be used for low-traffic areas and small quantities.


Choosing the best tiling option can be difficult sometimes to achieve long-lasting results. But you need not worry a bit because precious tiling services are always ready to help you out. Seek our professional help and select the best suitable residential tiles for your home at affordable costs.



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