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Tiling is the most favourable and popular home improvement task for all homeowners. It endeavours practical and versatile solutions for the walls and floors to give your home a stylish, fresh, and appealing look.

Even though the best tiling services can install the perfect tile for your home, it is essential to prepare your tiling project to let the work be done without any difficulties.

This blog will take you on a tour of all common tiling mistakes that can ruin your tiling project. Also, it will guide you with how to avoid tiling mistakes-


1. Unprepared Surface:

Unprepared surface before tile installation is one of the most common tiling mistakes that can lead to an unsatisfactory finish.

According to experts at Precious tiling services, surfaces should be clean and levelled. 

To make it levelled, you can add a new top surface like self-levelling screed to floors and plasterboard for walls. Also, fill the cracks that are less than 4-5 mm and wipe up grease and oil on the surface.

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2. Applying Wrong Adhesives:

Application of wrong adhesives while tile installation is a rookie tiling mistake that can affect the integrity and longevity of the entire tiled area.

So, choosing an appropriate adhesive according to the tile type is important.

  • Waterproof Adhesives: 

Use waterproof adhesive where tiles will be in direct contact with water.

  • Flexible Adhesives:

Use flexible adhesive for a surface that will experience more movements. It will save tiles from cracks.

  • Rapid-set Adhesives: 

Rapid-set adhesives are the best for large format tiles and natural stone.

  • Heat-resistant Adhesives: 

For fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, apply the heat-resistant adhesive.

  • Ready-mix Adhesives: 

Apply a waterproof ready-mix adhesive for ceramic wall tiles.


3. Improper Tile Size:

Choosing the wrong tile size can dull the impression of your floor or walls. In a wide range of variety, large tiles are quite popular. But using them for the bathroom can make it tougher to get the right waterfall. So, seeking expert advice to choose the perfect tile size will help you a lot.


4. Multiple Tile Types for Single Room:

Installing multiple tile types in a single room looks messy. For an attractive tile look, you can use a maximum of 3 tile types.


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