Tiling is the best way to give your home a lavish and smart look. When it comes to choosing the best tiling for your interior, you will receive a wide range of variety. According to the interior, you can choose the best-fit tiles with suitable material, size, designs, and colour. 

But in this array of choices, it becomes difficult to pick the most appropriate tiling type for your interior. So, our tiling experts have suggested below tips to choose the best tiles for your interior –

Decide Where to Install

Every tile type has a different purpose in your home. Some tiles are best fit for walls whether some are suitable for the floor. Therefore, before you begin your tiling selection, decide where you want to install them. 

A smooth surface on the shower floor can get slippery when wet. So, textured tiles can be a good option for the shower floor. While for entrance, texture tiles are not suitable because they are tough to clean. Smooth tiles ease mopping duties so they are perfect for entrance. For heavy traffic areas in your home, install long-lasting porcelain tiles. But for outdoor purposes, try different options than ceramic tiles.

Colour Makes the Difference

If you have an open area, dark tiles can add warmth to the home. For a large kitchen space, you can use chocolate brown or burnt-coloured tiles.
Light-coloured tiles can create an illusion of a spacious room. Therefore, you can apply pastel and cream colour tiles for narrow walkways.
For heavy traffic areas, install mixed browns, flecked, or grey shades of tiles that will help mask dirt.
Along with the standard solid colours, you can pick bright coloured tiles to give a tranquil feel to your room.

Perfect Size is the Key

With tile flooring, size matters. Small tiles make the room look intimate and complex while large tiles create an illusion of an expansive look.
As small tiles have more grout lines, so they are more suitable for the shower floor. While large tiles are the best option for living areas.
Large tiles are easy to install and need to be handled with caution. Therefore, seek expert tiling services to do this job effectively.

Tile Spacing

Once you choose a suitable colour, pattern, and tile type, you need to focus on its spacing.
The thickness of grout tiles depends upon the spacing between two tiles. So, choose the grout type that matches your tile type and give your floor a cohesive and fresh look.

Precious tiling service is the first choice of all homeowners in Sydney. Our expert professionals can install all tile types with optimum ease. Therefore, hire them right away and give an incredible look to your interior at minimum costs.


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