Your flooring will get a resilient and hard-wearing finish with porcelain tiles. In comparison with the regular ceramic tiles, these porcelain tiles are made differently. They are denser and stronger as feldspar and sand are added while making tiles. They absorb less moisture as well. This makes the porcelain floor tiles easy to maintain and stain-resistant. 

By using proper cleaning techniques and materials, porcelain tiles with smooth glazed surfaces can be easily cleaned. The maintenance of the tiles becomes very easy with the right kind of tile clean.

How Do You Clean Porcelain Floor Tiles?

Read on the best tips to clean porcelain floor tiles.

Vacuuming or Sweeping the Dirt Away

Firstly you need to check for the gathered dirt or dust and get rid of it by quick cleaning. You can perform this daily by sweeping or using a vacuum cleaner at your convenience. Instead of using a broom to clean the porcelain tiles, you can use a dry mop to protect your tile surface from regular cleaning.

Ammonia, Bleach or Acids must be Avoided as Chemical Cleaners for Regular Cleaning

While porcelain tiles are made, heat is fused in the mixture, giving it water resistance qualities similar to glass. If corrosive chemicals are used for regular cleaning, they might erode and damage the tile surface by increasing the rate of water absorption. Corrosive chemicals also erode the grout and result in loose tiles. Warm water and a mop should be sufficient for day-to-day cleaning. A mild detergent can be used every couple of weeks to be mixed with warm water for cleaning purposes. Chemicals need to be used only when the stains are stubborn.

Detergents Must Be Entirely Washed Out

The detergents you use for porcelain tiles must be of low concentration. Plain tiles require common concentrated detergents, while textured tiles might need a little higher concentration. Apply the cleaning solution on the entire porcelain kitchen floor tiles and let it stay for 5 minutes till you wash it out. Use a mop to clean it soon, without letting the solution dry—subsequent warm water to clean the surface to get rid of the detergent residue.

Removal of Stains 

All stains are different and require different kinds of detergents and methods for their removal. Using the same solution and exact way for all types of stain removal is not the right approach. Know the intensity of the stain and use chemicals on that part of the tile and not the entire surface.

Porcelain tiles are undoubtedly the best choice for your home and kitchen. Maintenance is easy; cleaning is not a problem either. If you are looking out to buy porcelain tiles, contact us today.


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