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The fact that you have landed on this blog shows that you are in a weekend plan of your bathroom or kitchen makeover. This DIY weekend is sure going to be very exciting for you. You have landed in the right place as we are going to explain in detail how to remove the wall tile without causing damage to the entire place.

The Requirements:

Before we begin the procedure, let us first understand what are the tools or the equipment needed to get the job done perfectly.

  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Pry bar

Wall Tile | Precious TilingThe Preparations:

Well, we would like to prepare you that the task on hand is not that easy but definitely not impossible as well. It’s just that proper planning and timely execution is required to get the task done without any problems. Back in the old days, these wire meshes were installed all across the wall studs and then the walls were plastered which could easily be half to 1 inch thick. 

Now, wherever wall and floor tiles have been installed and not just wall plastering, in those areas the tiler would have used a thick mortar for firm fitting of the wall tile. This clearly indicates that there is a minimum of 1 inch of thick mortar to be removed while you are de-tiling the walls or floors.

The Procedure:

Let us now delve into the actual procedure of removal of bathroom or kitchen wall tiles.

Step 1:

Find the point where the trim meets the plaster and place the chisel at the exact point and start hammering down along the edge. You would get the mortar layer once these tiles break off which should not be much of a task. Now, find the gap between the mortar and plaster and start chiseling from that gap as you need to clear the complete patch and bring it down to lath and studs eventually.

Step 2:

Now that you would have cleared the mortar and the lath and studs are exposed in front of you, now is the time to place the pry bar against one of the studs and pry away the lath from it. The direction to be followed is downward from upward gradually prying the lath as you find and remove the nails attached. You can actually pull down the mortar layer with hand gloves on. 

Step 3:

By now you would have got the hang of pulling the mortar to the ground completely you can chisel them and break them into smaller pieces. The lath and the mortar from the room will be automatically removed. 

Step 4:

Wherever the mortar along with the tile meets the bottom, you will have to break the tile and with the hammer thus separating the older mortar which was probably used under the flooring tiles.

Following these steps accurately will surely get your kitchen or bathroom wall tiles and even the floor tiles will be removed.

Although we would still suggest hiring a professional for this job which won’t cost you much but would save a lot of time and the work would be perfectly done.



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