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Imagine that you are sitting with your contractor and selecting a tile design for your wall remodel. And you come across a floor tile so attractive that your inner creativity wants to ask the question, ‘Is it possible to use floor tiles on a wall?’. 

And we say, ‘Yes, of course’. 

Precious Tiling & Waterproofing is one of the best North Sydney Tilers with spot-on styling, captivating design and years of experience. With their crisp knowledge and extravagant craftsmanship on tiling, we will discuss today how a floor tile can be used on a wall.

The main difference between floor tiles and wall tiles

Going through a plethora of ceramic tiles for your wall, you suddenly set your eyes on a wood effect tile that is mentioned under floor tiles. You know that this wood effect tile will enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic value. But, there are reasons why kitchen/bathroom walls and floor tiles are specifically designed for their respective spaces.

  • The main reason for tiles being explicitly used in the wall section is due to simple criteria, which includes the weight of the tile. Ceramic tiles for walls are lighter and softer compared to the ones used for flooring. This criterion benefits the construction; since wall tiles are lightweight, they don’t put too much pressure on walls. 
  • However, a floor tile can be used as a wall tile if its weight density and dimensions match the contractor’s illustrated designs and structural changes. As long as the floor tiles do not exceed the maximum weight, you are not restricted from using them on the walls.
  • Having said that, floor tiles can be used on walls after checking the criteria mentioned by your contractor, but no wall tiles can be used for flooring. Wall tiles are thinner compared to a floor tile, due to which a wall tile is likely to crack if used on a floor.

With modern floor tiles design, there are no boundaries to one’s creativity. Some of the artistry calls for:

  • Tile design that runs continuously from the floor to the wall. You can use the same tiles for both wall and floor, with concern to the weight and dimensions of the tiles.
  • Large floor tiles that will look as good as it does on the floor. Remodelling your bathroom with the same large tiles will make it look more spacious.
  • Highly polished tiles shouldn’t be restricted to floors since they can also commence an instant glam on the walls.

When it comes to diving into a wide range of tiles, it sometimes can be quite confusing on which one to select, especially when you wish to use a floor tile design as a wall tile. Precious Tiling & Waterproofing are dedicated to providing you with the best possible strategy and solution to your problems related to tiling. We are one of the best North Sydney Tilers who offer affordable services and customised tiling in Sydney according to your needs. If you wish to know more about floor tiles and wall tiles, then feel free to contact us today. We will be happy to receive and address all your queries. 



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