White pool tiles are the most popular and remarkable tiling choice for the people in Sydney this year. Its charming impression and durable quality make it the most prevalent tile choice for pools.

To let you learn more about pool tiling, we have listed all the required things below:

Pool tiling ideas | Precious TilingBenefits of Pool Tiling:

  • Highly durable and hygienic: 

Pool tiles are easy to clean. As mold has no way of growing on these tiles, it is a very hygienic option for a water pool. Also, it has fewer chances of showing cracks. 

  • Engaging appearance:

Perfect tile installation gives your pool and backyard an upscale appearance. You can choose eye-catching tile designs, colors, and styles based on your requirement. 

Along with the rich aesthetic, these tiles offer safety with non-slip surfaces. Also, pool tiles are easy to install and consistent.

Types of Tiles Trending:

Ceramic mosaics and glass mosaics are the most trending tile types for pools. 

Ceramic mosaics pool tiles render endless colors and an artistic approach at a cost-effective rate. Where glass mosaics add a lavish and luxurious element to pool tiling and offer a sense of resort living to your backyard.

Let’s take a look at few more specifications of these tile types:

Ceramic Mosiac Pool tiling | Precious TilingCeramic Mosaics:

  • It is the most popular tiling trend
  • Offers a wide range of color, designs, and metallic options
  • These tiles are available in numerous shapes such as finger mosaics, classic squares, penny round, etc

Glass Mosaics:

  • It offers an affluent and elegant look to the pool.
  • Starting with plain whites to the crystal aqua blues, it offers an opulent range of colors for the pool
  • There are multiple glass mosaics that will help you give a customized finishing edge to the pool which includes matte, high gloss, color blends, etc

Seek a professional tiler in Sydney to opt for these amazing pool tiling types and give a lavish touch to your backyard.



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