If you are worried about a smaller room in your home, it’s time to sit back and relax. A smart way of tile selection can make your smaller room look larger. Whether it is a box size bathroom or a contracted kitchen, appropriate tiles can help the room appear larger. The right choice of floor or wall tiles can create an illusion of a spacious room and make all the difference. Explore some amazing tiling tips to make your small room appear larger below-

Large Format Tiles:

The more grout lines, the smaller space will look. A number of grout lines make the design look busy and overwhelms the space. So, tiling experts in Sydney suggest picking up large format tiles. As larger tiles hold fewer grout lines, it creates an illusion of bigger space. For a wider version, you can extend this trick by bending tiles smoothly with grout of the same tile shade. Contrast grout colour frames the tile instead of blending them together. But a seamless grout finish creates an illusion of a singular tab.

Gloss Tiles:Floor tiles | Precious Tiling


The lighter room looks more spacious than the darker one. If you have installed gloss tiles in a room and allow natural light, it will open up the interior and make the room look wider. The smooth and shiny texture of gloss tiles reflects light through the surface that makes the room look brighter and larger.

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Simple Tiles:

Tiles with busy patterns or designs, dominate the room. Therefore, prefer using tiles with subtle prints to give a wider and spacious look to the room. Marble or simple colour palette tiles enhance the simplicity of the room and thus make it look bigger.


Tile selection becomes most important when it comes to giving a larger appearance to your smaller space.  For appropriate tile selection, all you need is just proper advice and skilled hands. Therefore, hire precious tiling services at a cost-effective rate and make your room look spacious.


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