If you are considering grouting tiles by the ‘Do It Yourself’ method, you need to know that it’s not the quickest home improvement task to undertake. When it comes to grouting, it means that you are at the end of the tiling procedure. You have reached the final stage, and it is essential to apply finishing touches to all the corners and edges of your tile. Although this step seems easy, please do not overlook this step as it significantly impacts the completed product that is tiling.

So, to help you out and guide you through, our team at Precious Tiling & Waterproofing have listed down the essential Do’s and Don’ts’ to be followed while grouting. Read on.


Cleaning the surface before you begin is vital:

Before you begin grouting, make sure to clean the surface by wiping it with a cloth and removing any stains or dirt. Repair the cracks or chipping of the surface to make it smooth and even.

Let the grout slack:

Before you begin grouting tiles, mix the grout and set it aside to rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This process is called slack. Once it sets, check the consistency of the slack as it should not be very thick nor very runny.

Forcing the grout:

In this step, you need to force the grout mixture between the tile joints at an angle of 45 degrees, starting at one corner working out all through the tile. Ensure that the joints are filled, and excess grout is removed and cleaned.

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do's and don'ts of grouting


Do not spread excess grout at once:

The grout must be applied with a float on the wall in an upward direction. Working in a 3×3 area without letting the grout dry or leaving excess grout on the wall is recommended.

Do not miss grouting and sealing the porous tiles:

The complete floor tile must be sprayed with a sealer before grouting. This prevents the porous tiles from sticking to the grout like adhesive. 

Do not scrub the tiles much:

Scrubbing tiles using water right after the grouting procedure is not recommended. There are chances that the grout is still not hardened, and when you pour water to scrub the tiles, the water seeps in. This makes the grout runny and loosens the grip of the tile on the wall.

Apart from all the tile grouting tips mentioned above, the most important thing to remember is to use the right tools to accomplish this task. The wrong usage of tools or even the wrong way of using the tools can sabotage the entire project. 

The best way is to contact tiling professionals like us for getting this job done efficiently without any worries. You can contact us for more details.


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