Decorative tiles are the best way to make your pool stand out from the water crowd. By installing a gracious pool tiling you will not only be giving an enhanced appearance to the swimming pool but would also be catering to the practical aspect. 

Tiles require low maintenance and are easy to clean. Therefore, lining the swimming pool with tiles is an effective way to offer superior durability.

There are multiple ways to install tiles in a pool. You can either tile the entire floor and walls or install tiles as a single row border that runs across the waterline of your pool.

In this blog, we will take you on a tour of how to install tiling around pool-


Cleaning the Pool:

Before beginning with the installation process, prepare the pool to receive them. Wash the pool floor and walls using a pressure washer or chemical to remove the dirt. 

Along with this, inspect the pool thoroughly. Repair all damages such as cracks and holes. Also, paint the pool with a waterproofing membrane so that tiles can be installed perfectly over it.


Choosing Appropriate Tiles:

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Choose the appropriate tile type according to your needs and requirements.

Ceramic mosaic pool tiles are the best tile type for both commercial and domestic swimming pools. These tiles are made up of wet clay and are generally known as ’Slip’. 

Although, ceramic tiles are best suitable for wet areas, There are few types in which glaze allows moisture to hit the tile body. Therefore, seeking professional help while choosing the best tile type for the pool is essential.


Application of Mortar and Grout:

Install ceramic tiles in a latex-fortified thin-set 2 mortar for long-lasting use in wet areas. As the water in the pool contains chemicals, the mortar restricts the absorption of moisture and chemicals for a longer time. 

Choose the grout that does not contain Portland cement and apply it to the ceramic tiles. While installation, make sure to maintain a 1/8 inch grout joint between tiles that allow easy movement.


Setting the Tiles:

First of all, layout all tiles to understand the placement and pattern on the pool. After applying mortar on the floor and walls, place tiles at a slight angle and turn them straight into place. 


Hiring professional tiling services for water pool installation can perform the job effectively.

Precious Tiling is a well-known tile installation services in Sydney that offers quality services at affordable costs.



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