Bathroom Tiles

The areas at home that possess standing water or are frequently in contact with water, need a special tiling floor. Waterproof tiles are the best option to save your flooring from moist and damp.

Read this article and find the best suitable waterproof tile types for your flooring-



Porcelain Tiles:

It is the most common tile type used for bathtubs, showers, pools, or other water areas. It is a form of ceramic tile with highly water-resistive materials. These porcelain tiles are made up of high firing temperatures and fine clays that enhance their resistance to intense water.

As this tile type has a water absorption rate of 0.5%, it is considered the best tile type for chronically damp locations. However, its grout seams require effective installation and maintenance. 


Damaged grout seams let the moisture seep into the subfloor and can ruin the entire floor. So, you can call a professional tiling service to repair them on time.


Ceramic Tiles: 

An ordinary ceramic tile is also a great option for waterproof flooring. Like porcelain tiles, it can be used for areas having standing water or puddling. Non-porcelain ceramic tiles have a bit higher water absorption rate than porcelain tiles.

Similar to porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles require regular maintenance for grouted seams. 


Sheet Vinyl: 

Sheet Vinyl is a solid surface with 100% water absorption quality. Most of the seams of sheet vinyl, don’t let the water penetrate to the ground. 


best-waterproof-flooring-tilesLuxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) Planks: 

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) planks are typically 48 inches long 7 inches wide. These planks have the lock-and-fold type of joints that offer a tight seal and make the floor water-resistive. 

A whole layer of luxury vinyl flooring is completely waterproof that makes it far better than plastic laminate flooring for waterproofing purposes. 

Sometimes, seams between two planks let the water into the subfloor. So, it is not the very first choice for waterproofing the floor. However, an effective installation by expert tiling services can overcome this drawback.



Effective installation of all the above title types is necessary to save the flooring from dampness and moisture. So, hire an experienced and best tile installation services in Sydney and make your flooring choice worthy.


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