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Picking the correct tile for the bathroom can be cumbersome. A lot of looks, materials and methods are available. The bathroom tiles need to be easy to maintain if you have little time and the ability for upkeep, but it has to be for bathroom use and look good. This article will help you in learning more about the different types of bathroom tiles. The basics of maintenance and cleaning are needed to make an informed decision. It can be challenging to get suitable tiles in the bathroom.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone could be a better choice for your bathroom tile if you prefer a natural look. Natural stone tiles have a beautiful look that can’t be unconsidered. It is created from natural stone and packaged to resist stains, humidity and mould. There are many beneficial characteristics of natural stone tile. If you pick a natural look, then natural stone is an excellent option for your bathroom.

What are the Characteristics of Natural Stone Tiles?

  • People who love modern, traditional and current decor prefer a natural style.
  • The natural patterns of stone are canned to give you a rare look in your room.
  • Stone finish is long-lasting and can be used for both walls and floor.
  • Natural stone tile can be found in various materials, for example, marble, travertine, granite, slate, limestone and sandstone quartz.

Glass Tile

There are many types of mosaic tile, but glass tile is one of the oldest. Cultures in the Middle East and Asia use mostly these kinds of tile. Also, Ancient Greeks and Romans used glass to make their homes look better. Glass tile is still in style despite being used for a very long time. Even in the 21st century, glass tile is affordable and stylish. It is a practical solution for bathroom walls, backsplashes and bath tiles.

Characteristics of Glass Tiles

  • Glass tile comes in different variations of shapes and colours. Glass tile is translucent, shiny, or matte and it can look dreamy in style.
  • Glass tiles are suitable for the bathroom because of their resistive properties towards humidity and other problems.
  • Glass tile has a reputation for being durable. It is resistant to breaking and doesn’t look worn, despite being prone to scratches.
  • Glass is convenient to clean and preserve because of its strength. We can use the usual home cleaner.

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Polished Porcelain Tileswhite tiles for bathroom

Porcelain is the best choice for an audience with a lower budget and classy designer taste. Porcelain is available in various colours and styles. They can be used in multiple ways, and it’s perfect for the humid conditions of any bathroom.

Characteristics of Porcelain Tiles

  • Porcelain tiles are very affordable.
  • Porcelain works with any decor style. Whether it is a traditional, rustic or modern style, they are well complemented by a porcelain finish.
  • It’s excellent for the bathroom because porcelain is scratch as well as stain and moisture-resistant.
  • Porcelain is suitable for accent walls or just floors.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl is one the most popular resilient flooring because it needs low maintenance, with excellent water-resistant properties. It’s very reasonable and long-lasting. It gives stability; thus, Vinyl floors are very tough to remove. Today’s vinyl tiles have a diverse range with beautiful finishes.


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