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Isn’t it exciting to lay tiles all by yourself?

It indeed is, but it is also widespread to make mistakes during the process. It is not very challenging, but it is prone to mishaps. It is recommended to hire a professional to carry out the tiling job as they have the exact skills, experience, and tools that are required. 

Our team at Precious Tiling & Waterproofing has seen many such mistakes and rectified them too. With the knowledge we have gained over the years, here are the reasons why you shouldn’t do tiling by yourself.

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Tiling Is A Long-Term Investment

Tiles are for a lifetime and are not changed often unless they are broken, or you are renovating the bathroom. Both scenarios occur rarely, and so tiling is considered a long-term investment. Tiling demands a significant amount of money as the perfect tiles need to be bought to fit the decor and the available space. A tiling professional will do this job efficiently as he would measure the area first and then start working on the tiles with the designated tools. You will find it hard to do so yourself. It is not easy to use those tools and requires a lot of experience.

Taking A Risk

You would be taking no less than a long-term risk by tiling by yourself as anything can go wrong in the process. You might mix the grout in the wrong proportion; you might get the spacer wrong; you might not evenly spread the grout leaving tiles hollow and susceptible to cracks. All these incidents might risk the life of the tiles. But if a professional is hired, he would take care of everything and get the job done right the first time.

Water Damage

If you lay the tiles on your own, there are chances that they might crack immediately or even in the long run. If cracks start appearing in the tiles, then they would give way for the water to seep in, causing severe problems in the long run. If water seeps into the ground or the walls, it would call for a complete bathroom renovation. This would cost much more than just hiring a professional in the first place.

Tiling can go wrong in different ways, and the worst part is bad tiling is easily visible to everyone. Irregular spacing, imperfect patterning, use of bad quality adhesive, or uneven levelling can completely ruin tiling. You can avoid all this by hiring a professional tiler to get the job done. You can contact us for more details. We are experienced and have expertise in bathroom tiling and renovating.


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