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Probably you wonder how your floor or wall Tile should look like, this is a decision that we all must make at one point. At Precious Tiling Services, we have professional interior designers who will offer you the best advice on which home or commercial tile to use. We have over 30 years of experience in beautifying homes, institutions and buildings.

Top 5 Reasons why you should use tiles

We recommend using Tiles for your all interior designs and these are the top 5 Reasons for it. Sydney Tiler working with us is known for offering the best Sydney tiling service at a cost-effective price range.

  1. Tiles have a life-time Value than other materials. As opposed to other options like wood, tiles will probably last longer than your lifetime. Though this depends mostly on how you maintain your floors and walls. Proper installation includes spacing and grouting tiles with careful cleaning using non-acidic and non-abrasive products will ensure your tiles last longer. If you are tired of perennial flooring, tiling is the best way to go.
  1. A variety of options. Sometimes you wonder why each of your friends’ floors looks different, this is because there are so many types of tiles with different designs, colour, styles, sizes, and applications. If you love Timber-look, there are tiles that exactly looks like Timber which is called “Timber Tiles”. Tiles have different applications due to their unique qualities that enable them to resist force, stain, impact and water absorption. Bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles won’t absorb water like wood and collapse.
  1. Tiles are friendly to the environment. Tiles, especially widely used ceramic tiles are made from a mixture of sand, clay, and glass. This makes them recyclable and because of this nature, they can keep your house cooler during summer hence minimizing your energy bills. During winter, tiles also have insulating capabilities and can also preserve your indoor air quality. Tiles have no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can contribute to health complications. So, it is safe to say tiles are environmentally friendly.
  1. Easy and cheap to maintain. With glazed tiles, you don’t need to worry about spending often in maintenance. When sealed correctly, tiles can withstand pet accidents, water, and spills and in case of any dirt, you only need soap and water to clean up and your tiles will be glazing again. Repairing tiled floors takes a much shorter time than repairing Timber floors or composite floors.
  1. Tiles are very cost-effective. The good thing is that, when the tile installation is completed, the value of your home will instantly shoot when appraised. A well-designed floor, attractive style, and impressive presentation can add thousands of dollars to your bargain price and give you a good income when you opt to sell your house. Tile is your easy to maintain, durable, healthy and beautiful option you have for Designing your home
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We have over 30 years’ experience in beautifying homes and buildings. We recommend using Tiles for your all interior designs

Commercial Tiling

At Precious Tiling, we use a perfect blend of innovative technology and modern designs, that gives a unique experience of commercial Project

Residential Tiling

We constantly create fresh, stylish and unique designs, and we offer you an array of different options to choose from for you Residential Project

Tiler near me

If you are one who does not have enough time to do your Tiling project on your own, the best solution is to hire a professional to complete the task for you.

When you are hiring a tiler, all you have to do is choose and buy their tiles. In general, the tilers in Sydney will take the rest for you and eliminate the pressure to renovate your home. we live a busy life; this is an excellent solution to our problems with the use of hand tools.

Finding your tiler can also be easy. your friends or relatives should always be the first point of contact, since recommending the people you trust is synonymous with tranquillity instead of simply selecting a number from your phone book. It is also easy to find a professional tiler in Parramatta, Sydney with us and enhance the appearance of your residential tiling space.

Many of us had a career at some point doing something weird, so someone would be sure to know the perfect man for the job.  If you have asked about people you know and are still confused about hiring a tiler company, the next step would be to search the Internet for a reputable tiler who operates in your area. But, we at Precious Tiling Guarantee that you wouldn’t find a better and more experienced tiler than us Sydney wide.

Once you have gathered the tiler list for your area, contact each of them. Prices can vary a lot, so it’s a good idea, even if it takes a long time.  Once you decide on your decision, let the tiler enter your home to see the area that requires tiles to give you an idea of the size of the work. This will allow you to provide an approximate time scale for the time it will take to complete and, of course, the cost.

Make sure you have a confirmed work price before starting work. This will mitigate any problems that may arise later when finalizing your invoice. Some jobs may take longer than expected, but as long as you do not charge for the unexpected, it should not cause too many problems.

Why Precious Tiling?

A tiler is a person who takes full responsibility for all the details of the tiling and the placement of tiles. The tilers are generally used for bathrooms, kitchen, balcony, laundry, splashback…

When you hire our tiler, you hire the skills he brings in. He placed the tiles flat and smooth, making sure they were in line and aligned. They will also have the right tools to do the job correctly. our tiler can work with a large number of tiles, including ceramic tiles or slabs. you name the tile and we install it in the perfect way for you.

Finally, if you are the person who is buying the tiles, be sure to buy enough to complete the entire task. We at precious tiling recommend 10% extra on all purchase of Tiles you make. So if you are looking for a professional Tilers than look no further and call us on 0477786662 or shot us an email at admin@precioustiling.com.au.