Tiles come in different sizes, colors, texture, and design. From the smooth, mirror-like finish commercial tiles used in hotel floors to rough granite surfaces placed during pool tiling to avoid slipping. Tiles have become the staple for finishing floors in the construction business. Tile setting dates way back to the age of pharaohs in Egypt and until now, tile setting is one skill that is hard to perfect. In today’s construction methods, tilers are very important in the finishing stages of the project.

Bathroom tiling is different from ordinary tiling because bathroom needs fall on the Floor so that the water will flow to the drain. Computations also need to be made in so that the placement of the tiles are symmetrical in every angle. Proper Measurements of how many tiles should be used ensures that the wastage is kept to the minimum

Tile Design

Choosing the tile color and design is also critical in bathroom tiling. You cannot simply put Smooth finish tiles in your bathroom floor because these tiles tend to get slippery when it gets wet. The best tiles to put on bathrooms floor are the rough finish tiles to avoid slipping. This is when you need the help of expert contractors to do the job for you.

Bathroom tilers are contractors who specialize in tile setting. Tilers will discuss with clients which tiles are better upon to set on the house. They will also agree upon the price of the contract. the bathroom tilers will now start to set the tiles. There are so many bathroom tilers in the Market but one tile setting company stands out. At Precious Tiling, we are one of the best in the business. Experienced in all aspects of tile setting from ceramic tiles to natural stone pavers. They offer a wide range of tiles such as Ceramic, Porcelain, Travertine, Slate, Marble, Lime Stone, Victorian, and Terracotta Precious Tiling have received hundreds of positive testimonials from previous clients.

Bathroom Tiling Experts

This is positive feedback if you are looking for a bathroom tiler for your own home. Precious Tiling Sydney specializes in bathroom tile setting which receives tons of positive reviews will surely work to the best of their abilities so that their reputation remains high. Precious Tiling do exactly just that. We always strive hard to keep our reputation high and ensure that all our work is done at the highest quality. Great workmanship at a low price is one good quality of Precious Tiling, so if you are planning to build a house and your construction project is almost finished, or you are a contractor who builds houses, but you do not have anyone to set your tiles.

Precious Tiling is the best group of Tilers for you. Just give them a call on 0477 786 662 or ask for a quotation and they will surely do the job for you while providing quality service. The tiles we set will surely be of great quality, as we will ensure that the grout is neatly applied to each tile and that the wasted tiles will be kept to the minimum. You will not be mistaken in choosing one of the best bathroom tilers in the Market.

Shower tiler

The tiles in shower are exposed to a lot of water and high moisture levels compared to other areas of the bathroom, so they can become loose and fall off. If they become loose, it will not be safe to use the shower since they can fall off anytime. The water will leak through the loose tiles and affect the entire building structure, and water can leak into the surrounding rooms. Hence it is important to ensure that a professional shower tiler is hired for tiling the shower room and other areas of the house. Some of the criteria for selecting a tiler for a shower in house are discussed below

Ask for Qualification

It is important to check the experience and skills of the tiler, before hiring the shower tiler. At times, people like carpenters claim that they are tilers, because laying tiles appears to be simple.

However, they may not have the skills and experience to fit the tiles properly and the tiles will become loose after a few years.

So, it is important to ask the tiler his experience in laying the tiles in showers, and check if they are qualified or not. in how many homes he has laid the tiles, and for how many years he has been laying tiles. He should be also asked about his training, whether he attended a trade school or worked as an apprentice.

Another way to check the competence of the shower tiler is by asking him about the kind of material and tools which he intends to use.

A large number of tools like spirit levels, drills, tapes, tile spacers, grout are required. Grouting bathroom tile will help keep dirt and debris from getting in between and under your tile. It will add rigidity and strength to the tile installation.

Additionally, it is also important to check the materials like the tiles, adhesives, sealants, grout mix which may be used. If the right tile adhesive is not used, the tiles will become loose quickly since they are exposed to a lot of water in the shower. Underneath the tiles should be waterproof, and the tiles should be easy to clean after a shower and have a smooth finish.

Other criteria for selecting a shower tiler, is the warranty which he is offering on his work. While most tilers will readily fix any problem, which is noticed after the work has been completed or a few weeks later, it is important to ensure that no repairs will be required for at least a few years after the work has been done.

Repairs are both time consuming and inconvenient, since the shower cannot be used when repairs are being carried out, so the shower tiler should use the best quality tiles and other materials so that the shower tiles remain in place for many years, and there is also no leakage.

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